Launch, monitor, and troubleshoot Adobe Commerce Cloud

This webinar provides several best practices and tips for preparing and launching a website. It emphasizes the importance of selecting the appropriate staging environment and providing accurate details in support tickets to facilitate effective communication with the support team. Using the same monitoring tool as the support team, such as New Relic, is recommended for better collaboration and issue resolution. Thorough testing of peripheral systems, like payment processors, is highlighted to ensure their proper functioning during the launch. The document also stresses the need to anticipate and plan for potential production issues, such as performance bottlenecks and cache warming, to ensure a smooth and successful launch. Understanding the shared responsibility model is another key aspect discussed, clarifying that certain tasks, like database restoration and application code security, are the responsibility of the website owner. By following these best practices, website launches can be streamlined, potential issues can be addressed proactively, and the launch can be successful


  • Development teams, managers, lead developers, technical architects
  • Teams implementing Adobe Commerce as an upgrade, migration or new commerce offering

Video content

  • Choosing the appropriate staging environment and providing relevant details in the ticket.
  • Using the same monitoring tool (New Relic) as the support team for better communication and issue resolution.
  • Providing screenshots or New Relic links when describing issues to help support understand and troubleshoot more effectively.
  • Understanding the shared responsibility model, particularly in terms of database restoration and security.
  • Testing peripheral systems, such as payment processors, and ensuring proper handling of order IDs during cutover.
  • Predicting and planning for potential issues during production, such as performance bottlenecks and the need for cache warming.

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