Create Customer Segments

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Customer segments allow you to dynamically display content and promotions to specific customers, based on properties such as customer address, order history, shopping cart contents. You can optimize marketing initiatives based on targeted segments with shopping cart price rules. You can also generate reports and export the list of targeted customers.

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  • Store administrators
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In this video, we’re going to learn about creating customer segments in Adobe Commerce. In order to ensure and create customer segments, we need to verify that the customer segment functionality is enabled. And to do that, we’re going to go into the stores tab, under Settings, we’re going to select configuration. Once we’re inside configuration, we’re going to scroll down to Customers, select customer configuration.
Under customer segments, we have verified that the enabled customer segment functionality is enabled, so we’re good to go there. No additional action needs to be taken. So now we’re ready to create our first customer segment. So we’re going to navigate back to the customers tab. We’re going to select segments. And once we’re inside the customer segments page, we’re going to go ahead and add segment. And for the purposes of this video, we are going to focus on males, living in the Miami, Florida area. So for this purpose, under segment name I will just say, ‘Miami.’ I mean, I’m sorry, ‘Males living in Miami.’ And same thing here, if you want to put a description. I’ll just keep it simple. Males living in Miami, Florida.
We want to assign this to our main website. Obviously, we want our status right now to be active, and we want this to apply to visitors as well as registered customers. Once we are happy with these settings, we can go ahead and hit save. O la la. And now we’ve created our first customer segment. Now, the other part is to add conditions to these segments. So we want to go back into this segment that we just created. Just select that. Under conditions, first thing we want to do is target male, so we want to hit this green button here, the add, drop that down. Under customer, we want to select gender, select the ellipsis or three dots, scroll down, and select male. And now we are going to add another condition around their location. And remember their location is in Miami, Florida, so we want to go ahead and hit the add button once more, select that, and we’re going to do customer address. Customer once more, we’re going to hit the ad button under customer address. We’re going to select city. Hit the ellipsis. We’re going to type in ‘Miami.’ Hit enter. Now we need to actually identify the state, so we’re going to select the ad button again.
Drop that down.
Select state province. Select the ellipse.
And then we are going to search for the state of Florida. And here it is.
And we have created our condition.
If we ever want to delete or remove the customer segment, you simply highlight it, go back into it, and hit the delete button to remove that customer segment. -

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