Manage Company Accounts

For B2B merchants, the Companies page lists all current company accounts and their status. You can manage your company accounts here and any pending requests for approval appear at the top of the list. The standard workplace controls can be used to filter the list, change the column layout, save views, and export data.

Adobe Commerce feature {width="20"} Exclusive feature available only with B2B for Adobe Commerce

Who is this video for?

  • Website managers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Customer Service Representatives

Video content

In this video, we’ll be walking through company accounts which allow B2B merchants to easily create and manage their customers’ complex buying organizations in Adobe Commerce. These company accounts allow merchants to sell to organizations with multiple buyers in varying tiered organizational structures right out of the box. These company accounts are the keys for controlling pricing, permissions and visibility at the scale and specificity of each customer. So you can see here, I’m in the admin panel, I’ve already navigated to customers and companies. And I can see this grid of my existing companies. I go to add a new company, and this is a flow that can be initiated from the admin panel or from the storefront. And I can see that each company has a name, a status, a company email, and a sales representative that’s been assigned. I can go through and provide the account information, the legal information, and set up the company administrator. We’ll see their interface in just a second. This is the person for the customer, setting up their organization and controlling roles and permissions. From here, you can control settings around company credits, the currency, the credit limits. Can they exceed this limit? And more advanced settings for controlling what products and prices this customer can see? Can they create quotes, enable purchase orders, and the payment methods and shipping methods that they have available to them? So, now flipping over, we’re going to go see the company administrator’s interface. So now here I’m Art Vandelay, the administrator for this company, and I can see this self-service interface for controlling my company hierarchy. This allows me to be empowered, to define specific buyer workflows, permissions, shipping options, using this easy to use self-service tool, reducing inquiries, and allowing for self-service ordering, quoting, tracking, and invoicing. So here I can use this interface to drag and drop, add and remove users, and define roles and permissions for each user. So, company accounts allow both merchants and customers to control pricing visibility and permissions at the scale and specificity of their organizations. -

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