Company accounts

When you incorporate B2B company accounts in your store, you can simplify the corporate shopping experience by enabling companies to create multiple subaccounts with flexible permissions based on user roles in their organization. Depending on the company, a store administrator can adjust promotions and prices to suit their needs, and create highly customized offers that cater to the shoppers’ demands and increase orders. Adding a company account association to a standard individual allows the customer to use the specific purchasing workflows defined for the company.

Advantages of a company account:

  • Offers unlimited company users and the creation of additional accounts, which simplifies corporate purchases.

  • Includes support for a smart company account hierarchy with different roles and permissions for placing orders.

  • Provides a mechanism for merchants to increase income by offering company store credit as a payment method.

  • Supports the management of all company accounts in the Admin.

View company accounts

The Companies grid lists all active company accounts and pending requests, regardless of status setting. It also provides the tools for creating and managing company accounts. Use the standard grid controls to filter the list, and adjust the column layout. For a list of column descriptions, see the Column Descriptions section in Managing Company Accounts.

Customers can create a company account from the storefront, or a merchant can create one from the Admin. By default, the ability to create company accounts from the storefront is enabled. If allowed by the configuration, a visitor to the store can request to open a company account. After the company account is approved, the company administrator can set up the company structure and users with various levels of permission.

In the Admin sidebar, go to Customers > Companies.

Companies Grid

The Companies grid lists all companies regardless of status. The displayed example shows accounts for two companies: the “ACME” company and the “Vandelay” company.

Company administrator

The following example shows the Customers grid with the initial company administrator accounts.

Customers grid with company administrator account

It is possible that the person who serves as company administrator has multiple roles within the company. If a separate email address is entered for the company administrator, the initial company structure includes the company administrator plus an individual user account in the name of the company administrator. In such a case, the company administrator can sign in to the account as the company or as an individual user.

After creating the account, the company administrator defines the company structure of teams, sets up the company users, and establishes roles and permissions for each.

Set company administrator password before first sign-in

  1. The company administrator finds a welcome email from the store.

    Example Welcome Email {width="500"}

    note note
    The email address targets and content of the email are determined by the options specified in the company email options configuration.
  2. Follows the instructions and clicks link to set their password.

  3. Enters a New Password for their account and again to confirm.

    The password must include at least three of the following character types:

    • Lowercase characters (abc…)
    • Uppercase characters (ABC…)
    • Numbers (1234567890)
    • Special characters (!@#$…)
  4. Clicks Set a New Password.

    Customer Login - company admin {width="700" modal="regular"}

  5. When the Customer Login page appears, the customer enters their Email and Password.

  6. Clicks Sign In to access their account dashboard.

    Account Dashboard - company {width="700" modal="regular"}

Company structure

A company account can be set up to reflect the structure of the business. Initially, the company structure includes only the company administrator, but can be expanded to include teams of users. The users can be associated with teams or organized within a hierarchy of divisions and subdivisions within the company. The structure is designed to support the use of approval rules for purchase orders (POs) associated with the company account.

Company Structure with Divisions

In the company administrator’s account dashboard, the company structure is represented as a tree and initially consists of only the company administrator.

Company Structure with Company Administrator

When the account is created, the company administrator can use the company email address or be assigned a different email address.

In the following example, the initial company structure includes the company administrator plus an individual user account in the name of the company administrator. But company administrator functions (such as company structure and approval rules) are available only when they are logged in to the user account that is designated as the company administrator.

Company Structure with Administrator and User Account