Company account structure

A company account can be set up to reflect the structure of the business. Initially, the company structure includes only the company administrator, but can be expanded to include teams of users. The users can be associated with teams or organized within a hierarchy of divisions and subdivisions within the company.

Company Structure with Divisions

In the company administrator’s account dashboard, the company structure is represented as a tree and initially consists of only the company administrator.

Company Structure with Company Administrator

When the account is created and approved, the company administrator can use the company email address or be assigned a different email address.

It is possible that the person who serves as company administrator has multiple roles within the company. If a separate email address is entered for the company administrator, the initial company structure includes the company administrator plus an individual user account in the name of the company administrator. In such a case, the company administrator can sign in to the account as the company or as an individual user.

Company Structure with Administrator and User Account

For merchants, the full company structure is reflected in the Companies and Customers grids within the Admin. The Companies grid lists all companies regardless of status. The following example shows accounts for two companies: the ACME  company and the Vendelay company.

Companies Grid

The following example shows the Customers grid with the initial company administrator accounts for these companies.

Customers grid with company administrator account

After creating the account, the company administrator must define the company structure of teams, set up the company users, and establish roles and permissions for each.

Company structure icons

Company Administrator icon
Represents the company administrator in the company structure.
Team icon
Represents a team in the company structure.
User icon
Represents a user in the company structure.
Move icon
Moves a team to another position in the company structure.
Expansion icon
Expands a team in the company structure.
Collapse icon
Collapses a team in the company structure.

Create company teams

The structure of a company account should reflect the purchasing organization, whether it is simple and flat or a complex organization with different teams for each subdivision and division of the company.

If the store is configured to allow companies to manage their own accounts, setting up the company structure is one of the first tasks for a company administrator to complete after the account is approved. In the company account, the structure of the company is represented as a tree with the company administrator at the top.

Company Structure with Teams

  1. The company administrator signs in to their account.

  2. In the left panel, chooses Company Structure.

  3. Under Business Structure, clicks Add Team and does the following:

    • Enters the Team Title and Description.

      The Team Title can be anything that represents the structure of the company, such as a team, office, or division within the company

      Add team {width="700" modal="regular"}

    • When complete, clicks Save.

    • Creates as many teams as need.

      Company Structure with Teams {width="600" modal="regular"}

  4. To create a hierarchy of teams, does the following:

    • Selects the parent team, and click Add Team.

      Company Structure with Divisions {width="600" modal="regular"}

    • Enters the Team Title and Description.

    • Clicks Save.

  5. Repeats these steps to create as many teams, or divisions and subdivisions as needed.

    Company Structure with Divisions and Subdivisions {width="600" modal="regular"}

Move a team

As the company administrator works with the company structure, they can drag teams or divisions to other locations in the structure.

  1. The company administrator locates the team to be moved.

  2. Clicks and drags the team to a new position in the company structure.

Delete a team

Before deleting a team, it is recommended to make sure that the correct team is selected—deleted teams cannot be restored.
  1. The company administrator selects the team to be deleted.

  2. Clicks Delete Selected.

  3. When prompted to confirm, clicks Delete.

Expand or collapse the team structure

As the company administrator works with the company structure, they can collapse or expand the tree:

  • Clicks Collapse All or Expand All.

  • Clicks Expanded icon to collapse a team or Collapsed icon to expand a team.

Assign users to teams

When teams and users are first added to the company structure, they are placed at the same level under the company administrator.

Company structure with users and teams

Collapse All / Expand All
Either collapses or expands the business structure tree
Add User
Creates a user below the current team
Add Team
Creates a team
Edit Selected / Delete Selected
Edits or removes users from the business tree
  1. In the left panel, the company administrator chooses Company Structure.

  2. To assign a user to an existing team, they drag ( Move icon ) the user under the appropriate team.

    Team Assignments {width="700" modal="regular"}