Manage Order Status

When a customer places an order, a sales order is created as a temporary record of the transaction. The sales order has a status of Pending until payment is received. While in Pending status, orders can be edited or canceled up until the time that payment is received and an invoice is generated. In this video, learn how to check order status and its details and how to change the status of an order, if necessary.

Who is this video for?

  • Sales
  • Customer service representatives

Video content

Hello and welcome to the order status and order processing training for Adobe Commerce. On that video, we will show how to check the status of an order, how to filter it and what is the level of granularity that we have for the various order entities. For that please go to the sales section inside the orders item. That will open view the order grid where you will be all the orders available for your website. If you click on the filter side, basically you will be able to select one of the statuses that you would like to check. Let’s click on the closed one. Let’s apply the filter and now here you will see on the status column on the statuses, of course, it’s closed. If you click in the open one of the orders you will not be only able to check the order status at order level, you will also being able to see granularity at other entities, like for example, items, invoices, credit memos, shipment and transaction. What will brings you a lot of granularity to understand what is the specific order processing stage for the specific order. As usual, don’t hesitate to go to all documentation where you will find much more relevant information about other things, like for example, how to customize the order status, what is the order status workflow, and other things that will help you to understand a bit in tip the order status and processing orders in Adobe Commerce. We hope you found that video useful. Thank you for the time. -

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