Use Observation for Adobe Commerce

In this video, learn about the Observation Tool for Adobe Commerce, which is a New Relic nerdlet to see the state of your Adobe Commerce site, current or past time views. A nerdlet is a custom application built with New Relic One programmability.

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Adobe Commerce is comprised of cloud infrastructure and complex interdependent services and applications. Multiple problems or issues can happen at the same time. It can often be overwhelming to sift through all the available information to accurately identify what is the cause of a particular problem or issue. Each component piece of Adobe Commerce is contributing system, telemetrics, and log data this results in these challenges. How to look through a high volume of data? Not knowing where to begin to look for a problem. Confidence in troubleshooting complex technologies. Hey, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to show critical error messages, resource levels, site traffic volumes, potential security concerns, and other visual information all in one spot? Well, yes, there is, it’s called Observation for Adobe Commerce, and it’s totally free by the way. Often Adobe receives requests for support involving issues on Adobe Commerce websites. As these support tickets are solved, we often learn more about problems experienced by our customers. Observation for Adobe Commerce is a tool that brings together log data from multiple sources to help you better manage your Adobe Commerce site performance and diagnose issues. This tool was developed to help support engineers and managers better understand the complex problem sets. When issues arise, it can be time-consuming to pinpoint where the issue is rooted, and have the knowledge to fix it. The tool leverages such knowledge to identify important signals against common timeline. Timeline can be expanded or contracted allowing you to visualize your log data to help with performance management and problem resolution. What’s in it for you? You’re able to respond to site issues faster with contextually integrated knowledge-based articles. You can review before and after scenarios based on data. Rather than reading or parsing logs, air signals are displayed visually. Gain a single pane of glass view of the Adobe Commerce technology stack. Gain insights on the performance and health of your site. And you can adjust the time frame view of your logs and New Relic collected data. Observation for Adobe Commerce can be found on the main page of New Relic One under the apps menu.
This is Observation for Adobe Commerce, it’s comprised by 16 tabs. There’s a summary tab that brings together a summarization of all the other tabs. And you can drill down into other data such as elastic search Redis, your database, PHP, deployment information, alerts, the application firewall, the Fastly CDN, RabbitMQ.
There’s infrastructure summary. There’s a summarization of Chron, data, indexing. And also security tap that will highlight signatures, potential security hacks on your site. -

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