B2B Sales quote line item discount

Learn how to use the line item discount and see the values using the Adobe Commerce admin.

Adobe Commerce feature {width="20"} Exclusive feature available only with B2B for Adobe Commerce

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  • Website managers
  • eCommerce merchandisers
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Video content

Today I would like to show you the demo of the new feature called Quote Line Item Discounts. The main goal of this feature is to provide the ability for the seller to specify discounts on the quote item level and on the buyer side to complete checkout and create an order with all of the proposed discounts. To simplify this demo I already have a quote submitted by a buyer with 3 line items with different prices so let’s go ahead and specify line item discounts on their admin side. As you may see the same quote with the 3 items, the new control was added in the grid that called discount item. Once you click on it the new pop-up window appears where it provides ability to specify discount for some particular line item. So we have 3 discount types, percentage amount and proposed price. For the first one I would like to use percentage and get 15% discount for it. Once it’s started we can see that all of the subtotals, all of the prices are updated and in the grid we see discount 50% for $5. Let’s go ahead and specify the discount for the second one. In this case I would like to set amount $2 for the second item. So as you may see $2 discount applied and subtotal for this item $10.50. And let’s go ahead and work with the third one. So it’s priced $1000 so let’s go ahead and set proposed price for it $700. And as a result we are getting like discount $300 for the third item. So as you may see all the totals, grand totals are updated accordingly. Quote level discounts work as well so all of those discounts on quote level will be applied on top of the line item discounts. So we also supported draft functionality so we can save draft discounts for this quote. And they will not be visible for buyer at this stage because it’s just only a draft and seller still works on it. And once we send this quote to a buyer so all of those discounts will be visible. Let’s go ahead and send it. So quote and all of the changes successfully sent to the buyer. Let’s open the page. And you may see that we have all three discounts applied to all three products and we have the same grand total as we saw on the admin panel. And buyer is able to proceed to checkout and submit an order using quote. Submit an order using quote.

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