Manage the Media Gallery

With Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source 2.4, merchants can use the new enhanced Media Gallery to organize and manage their media files on the server.

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  • Website managers
  • eCommerce merchandisers

Video content

Today, I’m going to be walking through how the media gallery allows merchants to organize, search, and use their media with Adobe Commerce. This is all of the media that you need to build engaging shopping experiences in one place. So first I’ll be showing you how to activate the media gallery. I’m going to go to Stores, Configuration, and then in this left hand navigation expand Advanced to see System and then under Media Gallery here, I want to make sure that Enable Old Media Gallery is set to No. And I can also see one of the features here. That’s image optimization allowing you to improve performance and decrease file size right out of the box as well as some settings around configuring the Adobe stock integration. When I go back to Content and then Media Gallery, I’m going to show you how to search for your images using this search functionality up here. I can also look into individual files in a nested structure. I have sort options here, as well as I have the ability to filter by uploaded date, by where this piece of media is being used, when it’s been modified, the license status, and the ability to show or not show any duplicates that have been detected. I can also upload images to the media gallery. I can delete images and I’m going to show you how to actually take a look at one of the pieces of media here. So I’m going to look at this water bottle. View, the details. I can see the file name, its type, more metadata about it. And I can actually edit this metadata, adding new tags to make sure that these pieces of media are searchable, are easily findable, and well documented. In order to use all of this great information here, what I’m going to do is go to Content Pages and there’s several places throughout Adobe Commerce where you can actually pull up the media gallery. But in this case, I’m going to go to my trusty Demo Page here under Content. I’m going to pull up the page builder experience. And then when I want to use the media gallery I’m going to pull an image out here and then I can upload an image or I can select it from my trusty gallery. Seeing all of that same functionality to filter to find the right asset. And then I can just go ahead and select it. And now it’s into my page and eventually into my storefront. So that’s how to access the media gallery and how to use your media throughout Adobe Commerce. To get more information about how to use this experience for organizing, searching, and using your media, you can go to our Commerce user guide. -

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