The Site-Wide Analysis Tool Dashboard

The Site-Wide Analysis Tool is a proactive self-service tool and central repository that includes detailed system insights and recommendations to ensure the security and operability of your Adobe Commerce installation. It provides 24/7 real-time performance monitoring, reports, and advice for identifying potential issues. Use this tool to gain better visibility into site health, safety, and application configurations, help reduce resolution time, and improve site stability and performance.

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Welcome, the Site Wide Analysis Tool is a central repository that provides a single pane of glass view of our support tools. It will allow you to get real-time access to all system insights, proactive steps to resolve any site problems, and monitor overall site health. To get access to the SWAT dashboard, go to your Magento admin panel page.
Accept the terms and conditions. On the dashboard you will find access to support tools such as the Upgrade Compatibility Tool, Security Scan Tool, Best Practice Recommendations, and Managed Alerts. Recommendations, with 24/7 site monitoring, the tool can scan the site for performance, stability, and security issues. The Upgrade Compatibility Tool checks an Adobe Commerce instance against the latest version of Commerce. It returns a list of critical issues that must be addressed before upgrading to the latest version of Adobe Commerce. The Security Scan Tool provides Adobe Commerce customers with real-time insights into the security status of their store by proactively detecting malware and notifying them if their store is compromised. You can also access other support resources from this widget, such as the Information and Extension tabs. The Quality Patches Tool lists all the currently available patches. This feature makes it easier to locate the right patches to fix known issues. Originally, the Site Wide Analysis Tool was only available for Cloud customers, but we are excited to announce that we have expanded its availability to all Adobe Commerce customers hosted on-prem as well. Our goal is to help you create better Commerce experiences for your customers. And we believe that with the help of the Site Wide Analysis Tool and all the other support tools that we offer, you will be able to give your customers the best experience possible. -

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