Manage Currency and Tax Rules

Tax rules incorporate a combination of product class, customer class, and tax rate. Each customer is assigned to a customer class, and each product is assigned a product class. Commerce analyzes the shopping cart of each customer and calculates the appropriate tax according to the customer and product classes, and the region (based on shipping address, billing address, or shipping origin).

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  • Store administrators
  • eCommerce managers

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In this video, you’ll learn how to manage your basic currency and tax settings. First, to set up your currency from the add-on panel, click on stores and under settings, click on configuration. Under general, click on currency setup. You can set your base currency, which is used for all online payment transactions as well as your default display currency, which is the primary currency used to display prices on your site. It’s expected that your base and default display currencies are typically the same. And if you have an international business, you can also select other currencies that are accepted by your store. On this page, you’ll also be able to use or the Currency Converter API to import foreign exchange rates and schedule those imports at a frequency of your choice. Now, to set up your general tax rules, navigate to the sales section on this page and click on tax. First, you’ll set up your tax class for your product shipping and gift options. Whether the tax is for a taxable good, refundable amount, gift options, et cetera. The default tax class selection for a customer here is retail customer.
Next, you can set up how your taxes are calculated. The default being that taxes are calculated based on the total cart value multiplied by the tax rate associated with the shipping address. You can also choose whether or not tax is calculated on shipping and discounts. And to change any of these default options, you can simply uncheck use system value to edit this selection. The default tax destination calculation section allows you to set the country and state for your tax calculations. In the price display, shopping cart display and orders, invoices and credit memos display settings allow you to define where taxes are shown to customers. For example, under price display, you can choose whether to show product and shipping prices with or without taxes in your product catalog. To learn more about managing administrative settings and tax rules, be sure to check out the eCommerce User Guide on the Adobe Experience League. -

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