Create Customer Groups

Customer groups determine which discounts are available and the tax class that is associated with the group. The default customer groups are General, Not Logged In, and Wholesale. In this video, you learn how to create a customer group and how to assign customers to specific groups.

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  • Store administrators
  • eCommerce marketers

Video content

So in this tutorial, we’re going to talk about creating customer groups. Customer groups determine which discounts are available and the tax class that is associated with that group. So to get started, first thing we’ll want to do is head over to the admin panel. We’re going to select Customers. Under Customers, we’re going to select Customer Groups.
Once we’re inside the Customer Group’s page, we go ahead and select Add New Customer Group. And for the purpose of this exercise, we’ll just call this Customer Group Test and we’ll select the tax class. We’ll leave it as retail customer for now. We’ll go ahead and save that. And as you can see here, we’ve created our brand new customer group. Alternatively, if you ever want to delete a customer group, just go into Select and hit Delete.
We’re going to head over to the Customer’s Panel. Go to All Customers. Once you arrive at the customer’s page, you’ll be given a list of all your customers. And we can simply add the customers we want to add to our customer group. And in this scenario, we’re going to add a couple of customers to the Customer Test Group that we created earlier. So we’ll go ahead and add Veronica Costella as well as Test Reece. Once we’ve done that, we will go to our Actions dropdown menu, select that. We want to select Assign a Customer Group. We want to go ahead and assign them to a customer group test.
We’ll just acknowledge that, Assign a Customer Group. Are you sure you want to assign selected customers to the new group? You want to say Okay and that is all. -

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