Integrate Adobe Commerce and Adobe Journey Optimizer

Learn how you can use Data Connection in Adobe Commerce to unlock Commerce data and deliver end-to-end, personalized shopper experiences in real time with the help of Adobe Journey Optimizer.

Who is this video for?

  • E-Commerce Managers and Operations interested in sharing e-commerce data and audiences to Marketing teams
  • Marketing Managers looking to use customer data from Commerce to further drive personalization at scale
  • Marketing Operations who are interested in driving efficiency with the automated data stream between Commerce and Journey Optimizer

Video content

  • Address siloed data challenges by seamlessly streaming data between Adobe Commerce and the Adobe Experience Platform, including Journey Optimizer, with the Data Connection
  • Take data delivered from Commerce in real time to activate and personalize customer journeys in Journey Optimizer
  • Combine Commerce data with data from additional sources. Build audiences and target them with unique messages, experiences, or offers
  • Implement this integration in just one hour with the Data Connection, compared to the typical 20 days it takes for a custom implementation
  • In Adobe Journey Optimizer, easily build and activate 1:1 customer journeys, using out-of-the-box events that are available with the Data Connection
  • Engage with shoppers across all channels in real-time using Adobe Journey Optimizer’s native messaging capabilities

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