Steps to troubleshoot HtmltoPDF specific issues on a Unix setup (WebKit conversion)

This video walks through the process of troubleshooting HtmltoPDF specific issues on a Unix setup (WebKit conversion).

Hello, everyone! In this video, we will discuss the steps to troubleshoot HTML to PDF specific issues on a unique setup in AEM Forms PDFG for WebKit route. PDF generator converts various file formats to PDF and vice versa and optimizes the size of PDF documents. It supports WebKit and finds the routes to convert HTML files, to PDF documents. To troubleshoot any related issues in WebKit route on a Unix-based system, you need to follow some simple steps. The first step is to ensure that the directory’s user lib X 11 fonts and user share fonts exist. If not, you can create the symbolic link pointing to these libraries using the given command. Also ensure that 32 bit library, lib ICU data is installed on the system. Next, you have to see that the IBM fonts are copied under user share fonts directory, and the ghost vulnerability fix is available on the machine. Another thing to ensure is that the latest versions of 32 bit lib curl, lib crypto and lib SSL libraries should be installed on the system. You must create symbolic links pointing to the latest 32 bit versions of respective libraries as shown. Now you need to check the IBM SSL socket provider related requirements for HTML to PDF conversion, if applicable. Copy the file from the default location to anywhere on your machine. The default location for this file is as shown. Now you need to edit the file at the copied location and change the default SSL socket factories to use the ones provided by G2SE2, instead of WebSphere as shown. These are some of the steps you can follow to troubleshoot HTML to PDF specific issues on a unique setup in WebKit Route. Thank you for watching this video. -