Configure Data Source

There are many ways in which AEM enables integration with an external database. One of the most common & standard practices of database integration is by using Apache Sling Connection Pooled DataSource configuration properties through the configMgr.
The first step is to download and deploy the appropriate MySQL drivers to AEM.
Then, set the Sling Connection Pooled DataSource properties specific to your database. The following screenshot shows the settings used for this tutorial. The database schema is provided to you as part of this tutorial assets.

Please make sure you name your datasource StoreAndRetrieveAfData as this is the name used in the OSGi service.


Property Name
Property Value
Datasource name
JDBC drive class
JDBC connection URI

Create database

The following database was used for the purpose of this use case. The database has one table called formdatawithattachments with the 4 columns as shown in the screenshot below.

  • The column afdata will hold the adaptive form data.
  • The column attachmentsInfo will hold the information about the form attachments.
  • The columns telephoneNumber will hold the mobile number of the person filling out the form.

Please create the database by importing the database schema
using MySQL workbench.

Create Form Data Model

Create the form data model and base it on the datasource created in the previous step.
Configure the get service of this form data model as shown in the screenshot below.
Make sure you are not returning an array in the get service.

The purpose of this get service is to fetch the telephone number associated with the application id.


This form data model will then be used in the MyAccountForm to fetch the telephone number associated with the application id.

Next Steps

Write code to save form attachments