How to generate a self signed certificate

This video walks through the steps to generate a self signed certificate.

Hello, everyone. In this video we will show you how to generate an SSL certificate on AEM Forms JBoss Server. The first step is to run the command prompt as administrator and navigate to the bin under the JDK installed on your machine. After you are inside the bin folder type in the following command to generate the key. Next, it’ll ask you to enter the key password and reenter it for confirmation.
After generating the key copy the file with the extension key store to the root directory of a JBoss Server. Then, export the certificate file by running this command and enter the password when prompted. Now, copy the AEM form cert.cert file to the conflict folder inside the root directory of the server. You can view the contents of the certificate using the printcert command. Now, run the following command to import the certificate from the security section of your Java installation directory on your machine. Type in the password.
Now, open the turnkey.xml file inside the configuration folder and add the following code. Add this highlighted code after the security realm section. Inside the server xml tag, add the highlighted xml tag after the HTTP listener. After making the changes inside the LC_turnkey file and importing the certificate to the key store, restart the server. -