Steps to troubleshoot HtmltoPDF specific issues on a Windows setup

This video walks through the process of troubleshooting HtmltoPDF specific issues on a Windows setup.

Hello, everyone. In this video, we will show you the steps involved in troubleshooting HTMLtoPDF specific issues on a windows setup in AEM Forms PDFG. Whenever you convert an HTML file to PDF document using AEM Forms PDFG, it is a pre-requisite that the font-style should be specified in the fallback font configuration. In case it is not specified, the default font-style is used which is “Courier” for a Unix system and “Times New Roman” for a Windows system. So, if you want a font of your choice to be embedded in the pdf document, you have to specify the font-style in fallback font family. You can do so by following some simple steps, Login to admin UI portal, and travel to “Services”. Now select “Applications and Services” and then go to “Service Management”. Filter the category as “PDF Generator”, using the dropdown menu and click on “Filter”. Select “GeneratePDFService” and scroll down to “Fallback font family for HTML to PDF conversions”. In this field, specify the font style you want to embed in the PDF document. For example, if you want to embed “Book Antiqua” font in your PDF document. You will write the font name in this field. Once you are done, click on “Save”. Now, the chosen font will be embedded in your PDF document after conversion. Please note, that for the desired font to be embedded in PDF document, you have to make sure that the font is also available under the system fonts of operating system. This change in admin UI will require a restart to be effective. Thank you for watching this video. -