How to install Designer Patches

This video walks through the process of installing Designer patches.

Hello, everyone. Today we will be discussing how to install Designer Patches? You can clearly see the version of the designer here, which is And it is not the latest version of the software. In order to download the latest version, you can visit the experience cloud software distribution portal and download the required patches for Designer. Once you have downloaded the designer patches from the software distribution portal, you can now click on the Apply button, to start the installation process. Now, click on the update button, and installation process will begin automatically.
The installation process has now begun and we’ll wait for some time, for it to complete.
We can now clearly see on the screen that the installation process has been successfully completed. And now we need to click on the finish button to exit the installation Wizard. After that, when you restart your system and open Designer, you can see that the patches have been successfully installed, and the current version now is
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