Steps to add AEM Forms PDFG users in Windows Server 2016.

This video walks through the additional steps to add AEM Forms PDFG user in Windows 2016.

Hello everyone. Today, we will be discussing about additional steps to add PDFG user in Windows Server 2016. Firstly, you need to create a new user and assign it to an administrator group. Please check if the already created user is assigned to an administrator group or not. In this video, I have already assigned it as an administrator. Next, check the user has been assigned to administrator group and replace the process level token for the same user. This can be done by navigating to user rights assignment, under the local policies. Open any office application and make sure that all the popups and dialogues are disabled in them, as well as in the Acrobat reader and Adobe PDF is the default printer. Make sure to clear all the conversion routes. Since now I’m logged in as admin in the machine and the same user is PDFG user for me. So now if I do the conversion of the word document into PDF, it would be done directly. Also while I print the file, I’ll be able to see that Adobe PDF has been selected as the default printer. For instance, I’ll create a word document and then save it. Then I’ll take on the Acrobat ribbon and save the file as PDF. So now when the PDF launches and we print the file, we can see that Adobe PDF has been selected as the default printer. Please make sure to restart the AEM server and kill all the processes related to conversion. In this way, we can successfully add PDFG user in Windows Server 2016. Thank you. -