Steps to enable strace trace in Unix setup

This video walks through steps to enable strace trace in Unix setup for AEM Forms PDFG.

Hello, everyone. Today we’ll be discussing the steps to enable strace for HTML2PDF conversions in Unix. Troubleshooting BMCs can be a tricky affair, more so for those that depend on Unix libraries. So we need to capture trace level logs to troubleshoot the issue in detail. For HTML2PDF conversion in Unix, we have to capture strace logs following some very simple steps. Firstly, we need to traverse to svcnative directory. Please note that the svcnative directory is created when you deploy AEM forms EAR on an application server. We can see all the libraries for the services under svcnative. In this case, we are using JBoss Application Server, so we can find the directory structure under the JBoss directory itself, but in case of any other application server, you can check the same under temp directory. In that, we will navigate to Html2PdfSvc. Inside it, we will move to bin directory and open the HTML2PDFConverter’s script file. Upon opening it, we will navigate to the end of the file. Please note that the command shown on screen will help us generate HTML2PDF as strace logs. Once we run the command, our strace.log file would be generated inside the directory mentioned by you. In my case, the log file will be inside that temp directory. Make sure that you kill all running HTML2PDF processes on the server and invoke a new conversion to generate the strace logs. In this way, we can successfully enable strace logs for HTML2PDF conversions in Unix. Thank you. -