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Integrate AEM Forms with Acrobat Sign

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Learn how to integrate AEM forms with Acrobat Sign, enabling e-signature workflows for adaptive forms. E-signatures improve workflows to process documents for legal, sales, payroll, human resource management, and many more areas.

The integration between AEM Forms and Acrobat Sign allows for the following:

  • Use Adaptive Forms to capture data and present autogenerated Document of Record(DoR) for signatures
  • Create Adaptive Forms based on your PDF template. Merge the data with the pdf template and present the same for signatures
  • Send documents for signing using the Sign Document workflow component


You require the following to integrate Acrobat Sign with AEM Forms:

  • An SSL enabled AEM Forms server
  • An active Acrobat Sign developer account.
  • An Acrobat Sign API application
  • Credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) of Acrobat Sign API application.

Next steps

Setup SSL