How to enable creation of pdf files by merging large xml data files with xdp templates

When merging large xml data files with xdp template you may see the following error in the log file

POST /services/OutputService/GeneratePdfOutput HTTP/1.1] com.adobe.fd.output.internal.exception.OutputServiceException AEM_OUT_001_003:Unexpected Exception: client timeout reached org.omg.CORBA.TIMEOUT: client timeout reached

To fix the above error do the following

Change the aries timeout

  • Stop AEM Server
  • Create a folder called install under the crx-quickstart folder of your AEM installation
  • Create a file called org.apache.aries.transaction.config with the following content
    under install folder. You can change the timeout value as per your requirement. The timeout value is in seconds
Once you create the org.apache.aries.transaction configuration you can edit the transaction timeout values from the configMgr instead of editing the file

Change the Jacorb ORB provider settings

  • Open the OSGi ConfigMgr
  • Search for Jacorb ORB Provider
  • Add the following entry
    The above setting sets the pending reply timeout (also known as, CORBA client timeout) to 600 seconds.
  • Save your changes