Get request parameter

Get empID parameter

The next step is to access the empID parameter from the url. The value of empID request parameter is then passed to the get service operation of the form data model.
For the purpose of this course we have created and provided the following

  • Adaptive form Template called FDMDemo
  • Page Component called fdmdemo
  • Included our custom jsp with the page component
  • Associated the adaptive form template with the page component

By doing this our code in the custom jsp will only be executed when adaptive form based on this custom template is rendered

      //System.out.println("Adobe !!!There is a empID parameter in the request "+request.getParameter("empID"));
      //java.util.Map paraMap = new java.util.HashMap();

The value of empID is associated with key called empID in paraMap. This map is then passed to the slingRequest

The key empID has to match with the binding value of the newhire entities get service

Next Steps

Create an Adaptive Form based on Form Data Model