How to tweak Workbench memory parameters

This video walks through the process to tweak Workbench memory parameters .

Hello, everyone. In this video, we will talk about troubleshooting memory issues in AEM Forms Workbench. We need to update the heap parameters of the Workbench application to mitigate this problem. You would have seen this error pop up on your Workbench many times. Please open the workbench.ini file within the Workbench folder from this path. Inside, the Xmx variable stores the value of the heap memory allocated to the Workbench. Since the Workbench occupies 512MBs right now, we will increase it to 1380MB due to 32-bit Workbench limitation. You would need to shut down the Workbench after making these changes and start afresh each time to test the updates. -