Steps to reset default password for admin in AEM Forms OSGi

This video walks through the steps to reset default password for admin in AEM Forms OSGi.

Hello, everyone. In this video, we are going to take a look at how to change the Administrator password in AEM forms, OSGi instance. Security is major concern for all the enterprise organizations. So it becomes imperative for them to ensure that the user access is as secure as possible. I AEM, by default, the username and password is set to admin only. So there are certain steps to change those. Login to AEM, OSGi console, and traverse to Users under Tools and Security. Search for Administrator User. After taking that, go to Change Password and modify the password as per your choice. Click on, Save and your password is changed successfully. Please know that this change doesn’t require a restart. You may log out and log in back with the new password. Thank you. -