Create fillable forms

Turn a scanned paper form or document created in InDesign, Microsoft Word, Excel, or other application into a fillable PDF form in Acrobat DC.

  1. Select Prepare Form from the Tools center.

    Form Step 1

  2. Select an existing document to use as your form (for example, a Word, Excel, InDesign, or PDF file).

    If Form Field Auto Detection is ON, Acrobat automatically detects form fields in the PDF.

  3. Click Start to create the form.

    Form Step 2

    Edit the form using the options shown. Drag and drop fields from the top menu bar and edit form field details in the right pane.

  4. Click Preview to see your form after fields are added.

    Form Step 3

    Easily return to Edit to continue work.

    Form Step 4

  5. Click File > Save As to save the PDF form.

Click to download a PDF of the Create fillable forms tutorial.

Download Create fillable forms tutorial

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