Acrobat Accessibility series

Last update: 2023-08-04
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In this six-part on-demand webinar series, go from the basics of Accessibility to a deep-dive of tagging your PDF files. Each session includes practice files to follow along.

Introduction to PDF Accessibility In this on-demand session, learn what it means to make a PDF accessible, how to set up Acrobat Pro to work on PDFs for accessibility, and the conversion process from a source document to a PDF
Remediating an inaccessible PDF In this on-demand session, learn the workflow to convert a Word document and fixing some basic tagging issues using the Acrobat Pro tools shown in the introduction webinar
Complex tables This on-demand session addresses one of the more common and challenging issues in remediating a PDF for accessibility--complex tables
Scanned documents & complex ists This on-demand session addresses the more complex issues people frequently run into such as scanned documents and complex lists
Adding form fields to a tagged PDF This on-demand session focuses on adding form fields to a previously tagged PDF
Adding form fields to an untagged PDF This on-demand session goes deeper into creating manual form fields and additional form field properties

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