Report Suite Manager

A report suite defines the complete, independent reporting for any of the following data stores:

  • A single website (most typical)

  • A portion or subset of a single website

  • A global segment comprised of several sites’ numbers to get totals

Analytics solutions aggregate and report on these data stores. The admin Report Suite Manager lets you define the rules that govern how data is processed in a report suite.

When you log in to any Adobe Analytics solution, you select one report suite to use (except when you use roll-ups that combine report suites).

To access a report suite:

Analytics > Admin > All admin > Report suites

Virtual rport suites are managed via Analytics > Components > Virtual report suites. Please refer to the Virtual report suite documentation.

Report Suite Manager Descriptions section_0C94DC9EACDA4F5891F5CD63EE80B125

The following table describes elements on the Report Suite Manager page.

Select Report Suite

The Report Suite Manager highlights a selected report suite. You can select multiple report suites with Ctrl+click or Shift+click.

A selected report suite remains selected until you select another report suite.

Generates an Excel spreadsheet of all settings for the currently selected report suites.
Lets you locate a specific report suite in the Report Suite List. The search tool includes both basic name-based search and an advanced search page for in-depth searches.
Lets you organize your report suites into custom groups. You can quickly access multiple report suites that share similar settings or that you commonly edit together.
Saved Searches
A dynamic group that uses the Advanced Search feature to define a set of criteria that determines its members. As you add or modify report suites in the Report Suite Manager, the Saved Search automatically adds those report suites that match its criteria.

A rollup is single report suite that combines the tracking data of several other report suites.

See Rollup Report Suites.

Edit Settings
When you edit a report suite, the edits are applied to all selected report suites.
Create New
See New Report Suite.
Customize Columns
Lets you choose columns to add to the Report Suite Manager.
Report Suite ID
See New Report Suite.
Site Title

Identifies report suites in Admin Tools, and in the report suite drop-down list in the marketing report header.

See New Report Suite.

Base URL

Defines the base domain for the report suite.

See New Report Suite.