Specify permanent traffic increase

You can change expected traffic levels so Adobe can reassign resources to handle the new traffic level. (Alternatively, you can schedule a traffic spike if you want to temporarily reassign resources.)

Adobe requires advance notice for new account setups, traffic spikes and traffic increases. Hardware must be allocated in advance to minimize latency and possible adverse impacts to the overall system.

Adobe cannot accommodate “placeholder” traffic change requests. Unless otherwise indicated, adhere to the suggested lead time as closely as possible, including not sending an alert too early.

Use the following guidelines to determine how far in advance you must submit a traffic alert:

Hardware Allocation Lead Times

Traffic Change Type
Lead Time Needed
New account setup
  • 3 business days
Traffic spike or sudden permanent traffic increase of up to 25% in average daily volume compared to the last 30 days
  • Report suites with < 100M hits/day: No notification required
  • Report suites with > 100M hits/day: 5 business days
Traffic spike or sudden permanent traffic increase of more than 25% in average daily volume compared to the last 30 days
  • 5 business days
Holiday events October – December
  • One calendar month

Other things to consider:

  • If you have several report suites starting up or increasing that add up to the numbers listed above, the lead time applies as a sum of the traffic expected for each of them.

  • Have the following information available to submit a traffic change:

    • Report suite ID
    • Estimated hits per day
    • Go-live date
  • Client Alerts are also needed when traffic decreases or a report suite is deprecated.

Hardware De-Allocation Due to Unrealized Traffic

Hardware for new accounts, traffic spikes and traffic increases will be de-allocated if the projected traffic in the client alert does not materialize within 4 weeks of the “Go live date”. If the traffic is still anticipated, a new client alert must be generated as a traffic increase.

Specify a permanent traffic increase

  1. Open the Report Suite Manager by clicking Analytics > Admin > All admin > Report suites.

  2. Select a report suite.

  3. Click Edit Settings > Traffic Management > Permanent Traffic.

  4. In the New Expected Daily Page Views field, specify the total expected daily page views for the new traffic level.

    Make sure to specify the total expected page views, not just the additional page views.

  5. In the Effective Date field, specify the date when you expect the new traffic level to start, then click Submit.

    note note
    To schedule a permanent traffic increase, include a phone number in your user contact information so that Adobe can contact you with questions, if needed.