Analytics Admin Guide


This help is intended for administrators of Adobe Analytics. It includes help on user and product management in the Admin Console, setting up report suites, variables, classifications, and data collection.

Here is a video overview of Adobe Analytics:

Adobe Analytics currently has two areas for administrators:

  • Adobe Admin Console: Use this area for provisioning Experience Cloud tools, and managing user permissions. It is located at
  • Analytics Admin Tools: Use this area for report suite and variable management. It can be accessed by clicking Admin in the top header of Adobe Analytics.

This guide covers:

  • All tasks that are done in Analytics Admin Tools. This area includes setting up report suites, variables, classifications, or data governance. See Admin Tools for a list of report suite and company settings available.
  • All Analytics-specific tasks that are done in the Adobe Admin Console. This area includes product provisioning and user permission management. See Adobe Analytics in the Adobe Admin Console for a list of actions that can be done in the Adobe Admin Console.

This guide does not cover many of the generic capabilities that the Adobe Admin Console offers. Instead, see Admin Console in the Enterprise user guide.

Key articles

  • Analytics First Admin Starter Guide: If your organization is brand new to Adobe Analytics, follow this guide to start getting value out of Adobe Analytics.
  • Report Suite Manager: The most commonly accessed admin tool in Analytics. The Report Suite Manager contains settings for variable management classification management, time zones, and more.

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