Admin tools overview

The Analytics admin tools area is the main area for managing your Adobe Analytics instance; this is where most administrative tasks can be done. The other area for Analytics administration, the Adobe admin console, is for provisioning users and setting permissions.

Following is a breakdown of these two areas:

Analytics admin tools

Use the Analytics admin tools area for all Adobe Analytics administration tasks (besides user provisioning and permissions management). Examples of common administrative tasks include: creating and managing report suites; importing external data sources; excluding data from specific IP addresses; and so forth.

See the content hierarchy on the left side of the page to jump to any administrative task available in Adobe Analytics.

Do not to open multiple Admin tabs in the same browser. This can lead to you inadvertently saving settings to the wrong report suite. For example, if you need to compare rule sets and copy them to a new report suite, we suggest that you open a new browser or take a screen shot to compare rule sets.

To access admin tools, navigate to Analytics > Admin.

Adobe admin console

Use this tool to provision users and modify access permissions.

For all organizations that are migrated to Adobe IMS, these tasks are performed in the Adobe admin console. For more information, see the Adobe Analytics first admin guide. If your organization is not yet migrated to Adobe IMS, see Analytics User Migration to the Adobe Admin Console.