Migrate Analytics user accounts for Enterprise and Federated IDs

How to migrate Analytics user accounts as Enterprise or Federated IDs to the Adobe Admin Console.

Prerequisites prereqs

Prerequisites to managing users in the Adobe Admin Console.

For new domains and directories, follow the steps to:

  • Set up a directory
  • Set up domains
  • Link domains to directories

See Set up an identity system for help.

If a directory was already created in another organization by another business unit or team, follow the steps in directory trusting to establish the directory in the organization that you are using for Analytics.

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In this procedure, you will:

  • Download a user login list from Analytics > Analytics Users & Assets.

  • Download a current users list from the Admin Console > Users.

  • Compare the lists (looking for duplicates so that you avoid overwriting account data in the Adobe Admin Console).

  • Upload a finished .csv (from Admin Console > Users) with Enterprise ID or Federated ID users to the Adobe Admin Console.

If you need to migrate existing Adobe ID user accounts to an Enterprise ID or Federated ID, contact Adobe Customer Care and request a bulk user identity switch.

To migrate user accounts

  1. Download the Analytics user logins file ( User Logins List.tab) from Analytics User Management, using one of the following methods (depending on whether you already migrated users).

    1. Prior to migration, navigate to Admin > User Management (Legacy) > Edit Users, then click Download Report.

      The Download Report link displays only for customers who have not migrated users.

    2. If you already migrated users, navigate to Analytics > Analytics users and Assets.

      Step Info

    3. On the Users page, select users, then click Export to CSV.

      Step Info

    4. Open the downloaded User List.csv file in Excel.

      Be prepared to copy the Email, First Name, and Last Name values to a sample.csv file (described in the next step).

      note important
      The values in the CSV file must be comma delimited.
      note tip
      During this step, Adobe recommends streamlining your user list to ensure that only those users with a valid email ID are included in the Enterprise or Federated ID migration.
  2. In the Admin Console, download a list of Adobe Admin Console users:

    1. Navigate to Admin Console > Users, then click Export users list to CSV.

    2. Compare the two files: the existing Adobe Admin Console users in the exported .csv file ( sample.csv, in this example) with the users in the Analytics User Logins List.csv file.

      note important
      If you find duplicates, delete them from the Analytics User Logins List.csv file. This step helps prevent overwriting existing Experience Cloud user permissions in the Adobe Admin Console and gives you a list of accounts to migrate.
  3. Download the CSV template from the Adobe Admin Console:

    1. On the Users tab, click Add users by CSV, then Download CSV Template.

      Step Info

    2. Choose Standard Template.

      This step downloads a sample.csv template file.

  4. Copy the Email, First Name, and Last Name column values from User Logins List.tab to the corresponding columns in the sample.csv template.

    Template File Example

  5. In the template ( sample.csv), complete the following required fields:

Copied from the User Logins List.tab.
First Name
Copied from the User Logins List.tab.
Last Name
Copied from the User Logins List.tab.
Identity Type
Federated ID or Enterprise ID.
Ensure that domains in Domain and Email column are matching the domain(s) established in the prerequisites.
Country Code

For more information about the fields in the .csv file, see CSV file format.

Other columns, such as Product Configurations and Admin Roles can be blank.
  1. On the Users tab in the Adobe Admin Console, upload the template file by clicking Add users by CSV (as shown in Step 3.).

  2. In Analytics, run the migration tool (as described in Migrate Analytics user accounts.

  3. Click Migrate > Migrate as Enterprise IDs.

    Step Info

    When you click Migrate, user are linked to the Enterprise ID/Federated ID account in Adobe Admin Console. The permissions of the legacy user account in Analytics will match the permissions granted to the Enterprise/Federated ID login in Admin Console > Analytics > Product Profiles. The user ID displays in the Migration Completed bucket. You can disable their legacy my.omniture.com access.

    After migrating users, the status under the Migration Status column changes from Not Initiated to Migrated.

    Adobe ID users that appear in the migration tool can be migrated in this process as well. They still must login with their Adobe ID until an identity switch is performed. Contact Adobe Customer care to help with an identity switch.