Migrate Analytics user accounts for Adobe IDs

Migrate users from the legacy Analytics user management system to the Admin Console.

If an Admin that is not logged in via the Experience Cloud tries to access the User ID Migration tool, they will be redirected to the Experience Cloud login page.
  1. Navigate to Analytics > Admin > User ID Migration.

    The User ID Migration page has two sections: Migration Progress and User Information.

Migration Progress

Migrations Completed
The users accepted the invitation.
Legacy Login Disabled

Legacy login using a company ID is disabled. Users will now access the Experience Cloud using their Adobe ID or Enterprise ID. When all your users have reached this phase, you have completed the migration.

In the migration, the legacy login is disabled. Users are redirected to experiencecloud.adobe.com and must log in using the Adobe ID or Enterprise ID.

User Information

User Information outlines the users in your organization, separated by domain name.

Domains are specific to the email IDs of the current Analytics user base. A domain can be claimed only by a single organization, and only system administrators can claim a domain. For more information, see Request access to a claimed domain.
Domain Claimed

If you want to migrate users as Enterprise or Federated IDs, you must be a System Administrator and claim an available domain via the Adobe Admin Console before migrating users. Learn more here.

If you do not want to claim domains for Enterprise or Federated IDs, skip this step and migrate users as Adobe IDs. Learn more about ID types here.

  1. Locate the domain containing the user IDs you want to migrate, then, under Requiring Migration, click Select Users.

  2. On the Users page, select the users you want to migrate, then click Migrate.

    When you click Migrate, users receive an invitation (Migration Initiated) and must accept it. This action moves the user ID to Migration Completed. You can then turn off their legacy access to my.omniture.com.

  3. Specify the type of ID you want to migrate the users (Adobe ID or Enterprise ID)

    After migrating users, the status under the column Migration Status changes from Not Initiated to Migrated.

    If Failed displays, hover over the icon for a description about why the migration failed.