Server Call Usage FAQ

Q: I am an Analytics Admin. Why do I not see a Server Call Usage link under the Admin section for my login company?
A: You can choose which of your login companies display the link for Server Call Usage under the Admin section. If you do not see it, please contact Client Care to enable it.
Q: Is Server Call Usage an Admin-only feature?
A: No. Just like the Billing feature that Server Call Usage replaces, you can assign a non-admin the permission to access this link.
Q: Are the Server Call Usage and commitment details specific to one login company?
A: No. Usage and commitment details displayed span all your login companies governed by your Adobe Analytics contract.
Q: Under the Report Suite Usage tab, I can see consumption across report suites that are not available for reporting under the current login company. Is that a bug?
A: No. Just like your Server Call Usage and commitment details, the list of report suites spans all the login companies you have implemented under your Analytics contract.
Q: Is the usage period always the same as the duration of my Analytics contract or billing cycle?
A: No. Usage period is the duration for which your server-call commitment is applicable and may be different from your contract time line or billing cycle. For example, your annual contract could entitle you to one billion server calls per month, in which case your commitment would be one billion server calls and your usage period would be one month.
Q: My contract includes a commitment for Video Heart Beats but I do not see them under Server Call Usage. Should I contact Client Care?
A: Consumption and commitment details for Video Heart Beats are not part of Server Call Usage.
Q: My contract does not include a provision for secondary server calls but I still see them under the Current Usage and Report Suite Usage tabs. Is this a bug?
A: No. Although your contract does not explicitly provision secondary server calls, you can still incur them if you are sending in Analytics data to more than one of your report suites. You can either revisit your implementation to ensure you are not sending in such calls or contact your Adobe Account Team to update your contract so it includes a provision for such calls.
Q: My contract does not include a provision for secondary server calls but I still see them under the Current Usage and Report Suite Usage tabs. Does this mean I will start incurring overages?
A: Whether you would start incurring overages when you send in secondary server calls without being provisioned for them depends on your contract. In some cases, secondary-server-call consumption might count against your commitment for primary server calls, depleting them at a rate faster than you anticipated. In other cases, you could be billed for secondary server calls even if you haven’t consumed all your primary server calls. Please refer to your contract or contact your Adobe Account Team to confirm.
Q: My contract/usage period just began, and I am already receiving alerts about exceeding my secondary server call commitment. Is this a bug and will I start being billed overages?
A: No. This could mean you are consuming secondary server calls without them being explicitly provisioned as part of your Adobe Analytics contract. The alert is simply to ensure that you are aware of this and to enable you to take corrective action, if needed. See also FAQ 8 above.
Q: I did not create any Server Call Usage alerts, but I am receiving multiple such alerts, all with the same content. Is this a bug?
A: No. Default alerts are triggered for all login companies that have the Server Call Usage link enabled under the Admin section. The alerts include the name of the company that triggered the alert. As an Admin, you can disable and/or delete these alerts to avoid duplicates, remove yourself from the list of recipients, or have Customer Care disable the Server Call Usage link for specific companies.