Reporting Activity Manager overview

The Reporting Activity Manager is available for administrators.

If your organization experiences a degradation in reporting performance during peak reporting times, the Reporting Activity Manager enables you to self-diagnose and fix capacity issues without intervention from Adobe Customer Care. You can easily manage reporting queues within a single interface and immediately act​​ to improve your users’ experience.


Reporting Activity Manager provides the following benefits:

  • Lets you monitor and manage reporting capacity for each report suite in your organization.
  • Informs you in real time about your current reporting capacity across your report suites.
  • Provides detailed report information on current reporting requests, whether queued or in progress.
  • Lets you optimize the reporting queue by prioritizing some and canceling other reporting requests to free up capacity. It answers questions like: is this report necessary at this time or can I cancel it in favor of more urgent reports?
  • Lets you restrict future requests for a specified time period. You can restrict specific requests, or you can restrict all requests from a specific user or requests that are associated with a specific project.


To manage reporting activity, you must have the Analytics Product Administrator permission in Adobe Admin Console.


View reporting activity

For information about viewing reporting activity in the Reporting Activity Manager, see View reporting activity in the Reporting Activity Manager.

Cancel reporting requests

For information about cancelling reporting requests in the Reporting Activity Manager, see Cancel reporting requests in the Reporting Activity Manager.