Paid Search Detection

Paid Search Detection differentiates paid from natural searches in the Search Engines and Search Keywords reports. You can specify the search engines where you use paid ads, and specify a character string found in the URL of a visit from a paid ad.

Configuration options configuration

The following table describes the fields and options you use to configure paid search detection.

Search Engine
Select a search engine from the drop-down list. You specify the engine if you use different query string parameters for different search engines. Usually, the value Any is sufficient.
Query string
Specifies a string for a case-sensitive match with any part of the query string parameter, which is the part of the url after the “?”.
Note: Paid Search Detection is case sensitive. For example, a rule that specifies “PID” as a query string parameter will not match “pid”. If your organization uses mixed cases, place the exact values as separate rules, so all desired query string parameters can be caught.