Web Services

The Web Services APIs provide programmatic access to marketing reports and other Suite services that let you duplicate and augment functionality available through the Analytics interface.

Analytics > Admin > All admin > Company settings > Web Services or API Access

Analytics 2.0 APIs

To access the Analytics 2.0 APIs, you need the global company ID of your Analytics Company. You can find the global company ID in bold at the top of the API Access section. Here is an example: “The global company ID for the Analytics Company you are currently logged into is adobe1234.”

Manage Legacy Web Services (Deprecated)

In the Adobe Admin Console you can update the permissions to include those users that need access to the Web Services APIs.

WSDL: Download the Web Services API WSDL for Web services developers

Visit Adobe Developer, which provides documentation, sample code, and forums related to the Web Services APIs. Click Web Services APIs Overview for more information.

Filtering Options

When using SOAP, if your XML parser has trouble with illegal or invalid characters in responses to Web Services API calls, select one or both of the following options to have Analytics automatically filter the response output. Typically, this is an issue only with double-byte languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean).

API Access Information

View Web Services access information by user. This table includes the Web Services Username and Shared Secret, which users must use as part of the authentication process when making Web Services calls.

Token Usage

View information about the number of Web Services tokens used by your company during the current calendar month.