Internal URL filters

Internal URL filters allow you to identify the referrers that you consider internal to your site. They help traffic sources reports populate data and help filter internal traffic.

Analytics > Admin > Report Suites > Edit Settings > General > Internal URL Filters

A referrer, or referring page, is typically the page from which a visitor entered your site. To avoid skewing data, you can filter out internal referrers. Dimensions that rely on internal URL filters include Referrer, Referring domain, Marketing channels, and other traffic source dimensions.

Marketing channel processing rules provide “Matches internal URL filters” as possible rule criteria.

Some report suites have an internal URL filter of a period (.) configured by default. When this filter exists, all traffic is classified as internal. Referrer reports do not work until this filter is removed and replaced with one or more desired internal domains.
  • View all existing filters under the Current Filters section.
  • Add a filter using the text box under the Add Filter section, then click Add.

Filters operate using contains logic against the full URL. Adobe recommends omitting protocol (https://) and subdomains when creating filters, unless traffic from separate subdomains is desired as external traffic.