Hide report suites

Lets you hide report suites in the Adobe Analytics user interface.

If you do not want a report suite to be available to you and your users any more, you can hide it from view. Possible reasons why you may want to hide a report suite include implementation changes or someone mistakenly creating a report suite.

Hiding a report suite prevents it from being shown in the report suite selector drop-down menu, the Admin Tools, or anywhere else that report suites are shown. It makes the report suiteā€™s data inaccessible via the Adobe Analytics interfaces until the report suite is unhidden.

Data that is sent to a hidden report suite from your site continues to be collected, processes, and billed. In other words, a report suite is never fully deleted.

To hide the report suite, go to Analytics > Admin > All admin > Company settings > Hide Report Suites. Check the Hidden checkbox to the left of the report suite name.

To unhide the report suite, uncheck the Hidden checkbox.

To view only hidden report suites, under Company Settings, select View > Only Hidden Report Suites.

To view only visible report suites, under Company Settings, select View > Only Visible Report Suites.

The default is View > All.