Configure Document Cloud reporting

You can configure PDF-specific dimensions and metrics to be available in Adobe Analytics.

Components added when you enable PDF reporting

When PDF reporting is properly configured, the following dimensions and metrics are available in Adobe Analytics:


  • PDF Search Term

  • PDF Zoom Level

  • PDF Action

  • PDF Page Number

  • PDF Filename


  • PDF Views

  • PDF Page Views

  • PDF Downloads

  • PDF Search

  • PDF Bookmarks Used

  • PDF Copy Text

  • PDF Print

Enable PDF reporting in Adobe Analytics

  1. Go to Analytics > Admin > Report Suites > <select report suite> > Edit Settings > Document Cloud Management > Document Cloud Reporting.

  2. On the Adobe Document Cloud Management page, select Enable PDF Reports.

  3. To configure Adobe Document Cloud to transmit data to Adobe Analytics, use the Adobe Document Cloud Javascript SDK.