Real-time reports configuration

Administrative steps for setting up Real-Time reports.

Setting up real-time reports in Adobe Analytics consists of selecting the report suite and configuring up to 3 reports for it. By default, all users have access to Real-Time reports.

  1. Select the report suite for which you want to enable real-time reports.

    Navigate to Analytics > Admin > Report Suites.

  2. Click Edit Settings > Real-Time.

  3. Set up real-time data collection for up to three reports, with one metric and three dimensions or classifications per report.

    For information on supported real-time metrics and dimensions, see Supported Metrics and Dimensions.

    If you have created classifications, they appear indented under the dimension for which they are defined:

    note note
    For a single Real-Time report, we do not currently support enabling duplicate dimensions, even if a different classification is selected for each dimension.

    For more information about classifications, see About Classifications.

    note note
    Some dimensions, such as “Search Keyword” or “Product”, do not persist in Real-Time like they do elsewhere in Adobe Analytics. When you select a non-persistent metric, this warning appears:

  4. Click Save.

    After this initial report setup, it can take up to 20 minutes for the data to begin streaming. From then on, data is immediately available.

  5. To view the real-time report, navigate to:

    Workspace > Reports > Engagement > Real-Time.