Create schema field groups

This video shows how to create schema field groups in Adobe Experience Platform. Schema field groups are reusable components that define most fields in Experience Data Model (XDM) schemas. For more information, please visit the schemas documentation.

In this video, I’ll show you how to build your own schema field groups in Adobe Experience Platform. Schema field groups are groups of fields used to build Experience Platform data models and are usually organized around a theme. For example, you could have a field group for loyalty data, paid search marketing details, or dining reservation details. Platform comes with many field groups out of the box, reflecting common industry data model best practices. Sometimes though, you may have your own specific modeling requirements which aren’t met by the out-of-the box field groups. In these circumstances, you can easily create your own field groups to meet your needs. I’ll show you how to create a field group in the Platform interface, although you can also create these via the API as well. I’ll log into the Platform interface and select Schemas in the left navigation. I can click the Field groups tab to see all of the field groups in my account, and can use the filter to see the ones that I’ve created. Field groups are created in the schema editor. So, I can either start the process to build the new schema or open an existing schema. While designing the data model for Luma, our retail demo brand, we realized we needed a custom class for our brick and mortar store details. We created a class containing our StoreId field, and we’ll now create a field group for the store contact details. I’ll create a new schema using my custom store class. Next, I’m prompted to add a field group. Field groups are almost always tied to a specific class. So, while there are field groups that contain address information, they won’t be compatible with my new Store class. There are a few standard groups that we make available to all classes, which is what we see here. I want to create a new field group, so I click Create new field group and give it a name and description. Now, I can start adding fields wherever I’d like to in this schema. I’ll add a field at the root level. Note that custom fields are always namespaced under my organization’s tenant ID to prevent collisions with standard fields. Now, although I can’t use other standard field groups for my class, I can access any of the standard data types. I can quickly add my postal address details by adding the Postal address data type which contains a number of relevant fields. I can quickly do the same for phone number. Note that the field names should all be one word and you need to assign a display name, which should be a friendly name so that downstream users, like marketers, can easily find the relevant fields when doing things like building segments off of them. For my Store Name field. I’ll use a more generic data type string. When I save my schema, the new field group will be saved and it will be reusable in any other schema sharing the same base class. So, that’s how to create field groups in Adobe Experience Platform, good luck. -