Authenticate and access Experience Platform APIs

Learn how to get started with Adobe Experience Platform APIs. This tutorial guides you through the process to create authentication credentials and start making Experience Platform API requests.

Create a project in Adobe Developer Console and export a Postman environment export-integration-details-to-postman

Postman is a third-party application which helps developers quickly and easily interact with Adobe Experience Platform APIs.

Adobe Developer Console’s Export Details for Postman capability provides an easy way to export the account details required to access and interact with an Experience Platform APIs in a single Postman Environment file, removing the need to copy-and-paste values from Adobe Developer Console into Postman.

To access the Adobe Developer Console, you must be a either a System Administrator or a Developer in the Adobe Admin Console.
After creating your API credential, a System Administrator must associate the credential with a role in the Experience Platform.

Generate an Access Token with Postman generate-an-access-token-with-postman

Use the Adobe Identity Management Service APIs to obtain an Access Token to access the Adobe Experience Platform APIs.

Interact with Experience Platform APIs using Postman

Explore interacting with Adobe Experience Platform APIs using the Adobe-provided Experience Platform API Postman collections, building upon the Adobe Developer Console Environment Variables and generated access token.

Alright, after we’ve generated our access token, we can begin interacting with Adobe IO APIs. In this video, I interact with experienced platform APIs, using Adobe-provided Postman collections. To access these collections, head over to the experience-platform-postman-samples GitHub repository, navigate into APIs, experience platform, and there’s a Postman collection for each of the APIs available. For this video, I load a single collection for the Schema Registry API.
Once we’ve downloaded all the collections that we want to use, let’s head back to Postman, select import, and load all the Postman collection files.
As you can see, we have our Schema Registry API collection, and within this are a number of folders, and within each folder, are the HTTP requests we can make to interact with the API. Let’s keep this simple, and interact with the stats API.
So we can simply open this up, we can look at the headers, which are mapped to the environment variables, which are provided by the Adobe API environment export, as well as the access token, which we obtained from the Adobe IO access token generation Postman collection. Alright, so let’s try this out. We just hit send, to execute the API command, and there you go, we’ve successfully interacted with experienced platforms, a Schema Registry API, using Postman.

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