Integrate Google Customer Match

Learn how Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform and Google’s Customer Match capabilities help brands engage with customers on Google’s owned and operated properties to scale their outreach campaigns. For more information, please visit the documentation.

Hi, everyone. In this video, we will be showing you how to combine Adobe’s Real Time CDP and Google’s customer match capabilities to help brands engage with their customers on Google’s own and operated properties with the business objective to increase their outreach campaigns. We will be using Luma, an athletic apparel company.
Luma has recently launched a new line of athletic gear and aims to promote it to its audiences. To capture their attention during the early phases of the customer buying journey, Luma wants to activate their most loyal audiences across Google’s own and operated properties to maximize its awareness campaigns. So let’s see how Adobe’s Real Time CDP can help. Here we are in Adobe Experience Platform. One of its core capabilities is the ability to create rich business segments using online, offline, real time Adobe and non-Adobe generated data. This screen shows Luma’s active segments.
The one we’re focusing on today is the tier one customers, which includes loyal customers who bought any of Luma’s products in the past through online or offline channels and who have recently engaged with the brand and looked at any of its products. Through Adobe’s Real Time CDP, this segment can be activated using one of its several out-of-the-box destinations. As Luma wants to maximize its outreach campaign through Google’s properties, such as YouTube, search and Gmail, we will be using the Google customer match destination. During this process, and after selecting the tier one segment, practitioners can then determine how to match its customers with Google’s, define the start and end date of this activation, and publish it for immediate use in Google. Now, as practitioners pivot to Google’s advertising products, they can see their activated segment learning in Google’s ad console under audience manager and can use them as part of any of their awareness campaigns. From a consumer perspective, Sarah Rose, a loyal Luma customer who is part of the tier one segment is targeted and will see Luma’s awareness campaign. This campaign will be seen on Google’s properties, and in this case, on YouTube.
With Adobe’s Real Time CDP support for Google’s customer match, brands can now combine rich historical online, offline and real time behavioral data and reach out to their potential customers when they’re at a critical moment of their journeys. -