Understanding Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform

Learn how Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) brings together known and unknown customer data to create and activate trusted customer profiles. For more information, please visit the Real-Time Customer Data Platform documentation.

In this video, I’ll give you an overview of Adobe’s realtime customer data platform, explaining the challenges it solves and how it fits into Adobe Experience Platform. The fundamental truth and challenge facing every business today is this: people buy experiences, not products. Products used to be the basis of differentiation, but not anymore. Businesses must now deliver great experiences to win in an increasingly competitive world, competing for the hearts and minds of their customers, and exceeding their ever increasing expectations at every point in the journey. Marketers everywhere face common challenges when leveraging their data to deliver these experiences, preventing them from minimizing time to value and harnessing the power of their data. One challenge is data silos. Data silos and their organization make it difficult for teams to work together to build a common view of the customer based on data collected from multiple touchpoints. Another issue is a lack of interconnectivity between systems used by marketing teams. Each have different ways of doing data collection and transmission which makes it difficult to deliver consistent experiences. It isn’t enough to store data in one place. Marketers also need to understand user identity as customers engage on different devices or in person, and leverage sophisticated artificial intelligence or machine learning to scale their impact. Finally, it’s been difficult for marketers to take action on all their data as that sometimes involves development and work to set up an integration with your CRM system or data leak. Adobe’s CFP is an application service built on top of Adobe Experience Platform. It leverages multiple platform services to deliver its functionality. For an in-depth look at each of these platform services, there are other videos available that dive deeper into their capabilities. Right now, let’s take a quick look at how each of these services solve the common challenges of delivering an experience to a customer.
Adobe Experience Platform sources provide simplified integrations to ingest data from various systems such CRP, analytics, and point of sale, to bring together your customer data and translate it into a common data model called XDM. Platforms’ data usage, labeling, and enforcement framework, or DULE, provides trusted profile management that gives you the controls you need for data governance in your marketing use cases. Profile service gives instant access to realtime customer profiles with actionable intelligence to better understand your customers. To you uncover more insights about your customers, CDP uses artificial intelligence and machine learning features powered by Sinsei to help your team save time and maximize their impact. And lastly, destination service offers realtime activation with prebuilt integrations across paid media, including social, own channel, including email, onside, and in app personalization tools and a flexibility for your IT teams to build custom API connectors to internal systems. Thanks for watching my overview of Adobe’s realtime customer data platform.