Schedule dataset deletes

Learn how to schedule dataset deletes using Adobe Experience Platform’s Data Hygiene feature.

Dataset delete allows data stewards and data engineers to set an expiration date for a dataset. For more information, please visit the data hygiene documentation.

Hi. In this video, I’ll show you how to delete datasets using Adobe Experience Platform’s data hygiene feature. Dataset delete allows data stewards and data engineers to set an expiration date for a dataset. Perhaps you’ve purchased third-party data and it has a license agreement with an expiration. With the dataset delete capability, you can enter that expiration date and on that date, the data will be deleted across the data lake profile and identity service. This capability will make it easy for you to stay in compliance with your data vendors. So let’s jump in. Navigate to data hygiene in the left nav. Within data hygiene, you have two tabs for the two capabilities, consumer delete and dataset delete. On these screens, you can look at your active and completed requests. There are filtering options and you can get more details on a request by clicking on the link. Now let’s create a request. I’ll click the button and I can choose from the two types of deletes. I’ll choose dataset. For dataset deletion, you set an expiration date for the dataset. So the next step is to select my date. Notice you can only select today or a future date. Next, you select which dataset you want to delete. Clicking the icon opens a model with all of the data sets in your sandbox. Once you’ve selected a dataset, you can see the schema and primary ID it uses and you confirm your request. Again, confirming this means that this dataset is going to be removed from this sandbox on this future date. Now you will be able to edit or cancel a dataset delete request after confirming.
So once confirmed, you’re taken back to that specific data hygiene request screen, which tells you when the request was actioned, what the status is, and because this is a future date, it’s going to say pending and it’s going to say how many days are remaining before the action occurs.
Over in the sidebar, you’ll see the options to edit or cancel your request. As a reminder, dataset delete will delete data from all platform stores, such as the data lake, the profile service and the identity service. Curating the data for all your platform-based applications like, customer journey analytics, journey optimizer and real-time CDP.
Data hygiene is integrated with the audit logs feature of Platform, adding transparency to the data curation process.
There are APIs you can use for data hygiene. Data hygiene is not a replacement for the Experienced Platform Privacy Service. Data access, correction and deletion requests, originated by individual data subjects, under applicable privacy legislation, should all go through the Privacy Service. And finally, users must have permissions to view and manage data hygiene.
So that’s it. We hope you enjoy using data hygiene’s dataset delete capability to curate your data and Experience Platform. -
All Platform customers can delete datasets on demand. Scheduling dataset deletes is currently only available for customers of Healthcare Shield or Privacy and Security Shield.