Use enumerated fields and suggested values

Learn how to use enumerated fields and suggested values to create friendly dropdown menus in the segment builder interface. For more information, see the documentation.

With the September release there will be an enhanced enum and suggested value workflow. Enumerated fields are used when you want to restrict data values coming in on ingestion. For example, if I want to bring in only male, female, or unspecified on a gender field, I could use an enumerated field to restrict data coming in to just those three values. Suggested value fields are used either in conjunction with enumerated fields or as a standalone configuration. Suggested values allow you to build a list of possible values that the data may or may not adhere to, but will surface as a friendly dropdown list in the segmentation UI. Let’s take a look at the capabilities in action.
Here I am in my experience event billing information schema. I can now see the suggested values that are included on the standard event type field. I select event type and see all the event types that are included.
I also have the flexibility to add additional suggested values, which will show in my segmentation dropdown. I want the marketer to be able to segment on billing complete, so I will add that to my list of event types.
I want to track payment setup, whether it’s automatic or manual by the user. On my custom payment setup method field, I will add a suggested value to capture these two options. I will add suggested value and add automatic and manual.
Downstream, the marketer will be able to easily segment by manual or automatic payment setup method. Last, I want to add a suggested value list on a standard field. I want to track whether login status is not started, pending or complete. I’ll go to the login status field and I have the option to add a suggested value. I will add not started, pending and complete as options that the marketer will be able to segment on. Let’s take a look at what it looks like downstream for the marketer. Now you can see when the marketer goes to build a segment, they can add that login status field to a segment and easily segment on the values we added to the suggested value in the schema UI. They have the option to choose complete, pending or not started, but they can also just type in an additional value and use that as well. These are just suggested values, they’re not locked into just those three. Thanks for watching this demo. -