Connect clients to Query Service

This section explains how to connect to Query Service from a variety of desktop client applications and how to verify those connections. Query Service uses the PostgreSQL protocol, so the instructions in this section explain how to use PostgreSQL tools and drivers to connect and write queries.

The TLS/SSL certificates on Production environments for the Query Service Interactive Postgres API were refreshed on Wednesday 24th January 2024.
Although this is an annual requirement, on this occasion the root certificate in the chain has also changed as Adobe’s TLS/SSL certificate provider have updated their certificate hierarchy. This can impact certain Postgres clients if their list of Certificate Authorities are missing the root cert. For example, a PSQL CLI client may need to have the root certs added to an explicit file ~/postgresql/root.crt, otherwise this can result in an error. For example, psql: error: SSL error: certificate verify failed. See the official PostgreSQL documentation for more information on this issue.
The root certificate to add can be downloaded from

Instructions are provided for the following clients:

As a Power BI and Tableau user, you can connect Customer Journey Analytics to your BI tools from the Query Service credentials tab. See the credentials documentation for instructions on how to connect your BI tools to Customer Journey Analytics.