Connect Tableau to Query Service

This document provides information for connecting Tableau with Adobe Experience Platform Query Service.

This guide assumes you already have access to Tableau and are familiar with how to navigate its interface. More information about Tableau can be found in the official Tableau documentation.

Instructions on how to connect to a PostgreSQL server with Tableau are available from the official Tableau website. Once the dialog for connection settings appears, enter your Platform credentials into the parameter fields to connect with Adobe Experience Platform. A list of the required connection parameters are listed below.

Connection parameter
The address of your SFTP storage location. Use the value of your Experience Platform Host credential.
The port for Query Service. You must use port 80 or 5432 to connect with Query Service.
The database(s) you wish to access. Use the value of your Experience Platform Database credential: prod:all.
Your chosen method of proving user identity. You are recommended to select Username and Password from the available options of the drop down menu.
This is your Platform organization ID. Use the value of your Experience Platform Username credential. The ID will be in the format of ORG_ID@AdobeOrg.
This alphanumeric string is your Experience Platform Password credential. If you want to use non-expiring credentials, this value is the concatenated arguments from the technicalAccountID and the credential downloaded in the configuration JSON file. The password value takes the form: {technicalAccountId}:{credential}. The configuration JSON file for non-expiring credentials is a one-time download during their initialization that Adobe does not keep a copy of.

For more information on finding your username, password, and login credentials, please read the credentials guide. To find your credentials, log in to Platform, then select Queries, followed by Credentials.

As a Tableau or Power BI user, you can connect Customer Journey Analytics to your BI tools from the Query Service credentials tab. See the credentials documentation for instructions on how to connect your BI tools to Customer Journey Analytics.

Ensure that you have checked the Require SSL box before trying to connect. See the SSL modes documentation to learn about SSL support for third-party connections to Adobe Experience Platform Query Service.

Nested data structures in third-party BI tools can be flattened to improve their usability and reduce the required workload to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data. See the documentation on theFLATTEN feature for instructions on how to activate this setting when connecting to a database.

After filling in all your credentials, confirm your settings to continue. You have now connected with Adobe Experience Platform.

Next steps

Now that you’ve connected with Query Service, you can use Tableau to write queries. For more information on how to write and run queries, please read the guide on running queries.