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Configure the Marketo destination

Learn how to configure the Marketo destination in Adobe Experience Platform so you can activate your Platform segments to your Marketo Engage instance. For more information, please see the Profiles documentation.

The Marketo Engaged Destination Connector enables marketers to activate Experience Platform segments in their Marketo instances. The connector is freely available to anyone who owns both Marketo and any version of Experience Platform. The connector uses email addresses to match Experience Platform profiles to Marketo leads. Segments pushed to Marketo will appear as static lists in your Marketo instance. Here’s what the new destination card will look like in destinations UI. When configuring the destination you’ll be asked to input a client ID and secret. These are the same credentials that you would use when creating a connection to the Marketo REST API. The connector enables you to select one or more segments to push via a single destination. For each segment that you elect to push to Marketo you’ll need to specify the Marketo list ID of the static list that you’d like the segment to be pushed to. This ID can be input into the Experience Platform UI in the mapping ID field, which is visible on the right-hand side of the screen.
Once activated Platform will stream audience membership information to Marketo where it will appear in a static list in your Marketo Instance. Here’s some important limitations to keep in mind regarding V1 of the connector. First of all, V1 only supports the sharing of segment membership information. No profile attribute data can be shared via this connector in V1. Profile attributes sharing will be available in a subsequent release. Furthermore, V1 only works for leads that already exist in your Marketa lead database. This means that if Experience Platform pushes a segment member who does not already exist in your Marketo database, as identified by their email address, the segment member will not be added to a list in Marketo. -